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More than simply the book of the award-winning DVD set, Art & Science of Sound Recording, the Book takes legendary engineer, producer, and artist Alan. Nearly three years in the making, Alan Parsons' monumental ten-hour video series, °The Art & Science of Sound Recording°, is now available in a three-DVD. Алан Парсонс (англ. Alan Parsons; род 20 декабря 1948, Лондон) — британский музыкант, звукорежиссёр, продюсер. Известен своей работой с группой. Cats.uz Алан Парсонс (Alan Parsons) и черный кот. Page Not Found Back in '81 I couldn't listen to this to save my life - now, it sounds pretty good! Alan Parsons: The Art & Science of Sound Recording (DVD) by mapkos2009.

If you want an education in all things audio, could you ask for a more qualified teacher than Alan Parsons. Does Alan Parsons' latest book add anything useful to his video tutorial series? Back in March 2011 my good friend and colleague Mike Senior reviewed

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