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Jul 17, 2016 Crafting Redstone. This is my very first mod so I hope everyone likes it. I worked hard on it even though it just adds in a few things. If you like the. Sep 25, 2013 Latest Update to Mod - Faster Furnace. O to Save Game Code T to Chat C to make Commands (type /help for list of commands) W / Space. Dec 11, 2013 FORGE Paper Minecraft v5.0 - Redstone Mod & working compatible zelda mod! on Scratch by SonicDude123. Feb 28, 2015 PocketPower is the most powerful and advanced Redstone mod so far created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The development has been going.

The PocketPower Redstone mod has been updated to MCPE 12.1, and now It's the most similar Redstone mod to the PC version to ever hit.

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